Spring's a comin!

We will be open Sundays again starting April 8th! That should give us time to warm up before Pinball League starts again. Are you interested in playing for us? We have a few openings still for the league, which will start up again at the end of April. Talk to your LoveCraft bartender for more information, or email us at lovecraftbrewing@gmail.com

We also have a great line up of beers going right now. Coming up we have some unique styles, like our Mother Hydra Old Ale and our IGY6; Scotch Ale. We'll have the King in Amarillo on for a few more weeks, and our Biere de Noel is almost gone, so don't miss out! Drop by and see what's new! 


Winter Cheer

We're in the depths of winter. The days are cold and short, and the nights are made for cuddling up under blankets with your growler of beer. Thankfully we have a full line up right now, with five of our beers, two ciders, and one guest beer! If you really need to warm your innards we have our new King in Amarillo Imperial IPA. This king brings the heat at 9.2% ABV, but you would hardly know it, he's so smooth. The name is a nod to the King in Yellow book of short stories by Robert W. Chambers, who channeled his inner Lovecraftian spirit when writing these creepy tales. Amarillo is spanish for yellow, but is also the type of hops we dry hopped with which give it a true northwest IPA flavor. Try it while it's here! 


Summer 2017

We've had a lot of fun this summer. The Bremerton Brewfest was fantastic, the weather was sunny and warm with a great breeze rolling off the water. We made a micro batch of our Blackberry Saison as well as a Key Lime Pale Ale which was wildly popular. We poured beer for the city firework show on the USS Turner Joy, which is a historic Naval ship located in the Bremerton Marina. If you're ever visiting Bremerton be sure to stop by and take the tour of this vessel, it is well worth it!

July drained us of beer but we're getting caught up again! Fresh batches of the Olde Kitsap Saison and the Innsmouth Porter just got tapped this week in addition to our Satori Cascadian Dark Ale and Farmhouse style Silver Key Stout. More fun beers are being brewed now. We have some great Australian hops we're going to use for our next Experimental Pale Ale which should be quite a tasty treat! Stay tuned for more beer news!  

Have a safe summer everyone and thanks for all your support! Cheers!

May- New Hours and Last Chance to try Mother Hydra!

That Mother Hydra Old Ale made records in April! We are already sold out! But keep reading to find out where we have those last beautiful kegs. We plan to continue to brew this tasty, unique beer and donate more to Pink Boots Society with every batch. 

May has started out with a breath of sunshine. Spring is finally here! To celebrate we are now open TUESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY! For complete details see the "tasting room" tab on our website. 

We're kegging up a fresh batch of Elder God Biere de Garde and Olde Kitsap Saison this week. I am looking forward to tasting our favorite Belgian styles again. This batch of Elder God is closer to our original version, with strong malt character that complements the Belgian yeast aromas of cardamom and cloves. It should be on tap by this weekend (around the 6th of May) and the Saison should be ready by the 10th. But those dates are up to the beer. We never keg early to fulfill a date because that can leave some residual off flavors from an unfinished fermentation. It's better to be a few days late and have a great product than be on time and have a lackluster beer. 

Some people might find it odd that at the moment we only have 4 of our beers on tap. I see it as a success. We sell our beer faster than we can make it! It shows us which beers are more universally popular and which ones are more of a niche flavor. So far our Mother Hydra Old Ale and our Olde Kitsap Saison are our fastest sellers, both of which surprised us. It's a sign of the customer base, people are willing to try things they might not be familiar with and are pleasantly surprised. Both these styles are low hop profile too, so perhaps the IPA mania is beginning to die down. 

If you want a chance to taste the Mother Hydra Old Ale IT'S NOT TOO LATE! We will have it at Naked City Brewing's Nano Night in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. It won't be tapped until Friday, May 5th but it's a small keg so get there soon!  We will also have a small keg of it at Pike Brewing's WOMEN IN BEER event on Monday, May 8th! If you don't already have tickets my apologies, it's already sold out. It is going to be an amazing night filled with women in the craft beer and food scene, with all proceeds being donated to Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Northwest.

The very last keg of Mother Hydra is going to be at our Brewers Dinner at Trophy Lake Golf and Casting in Port Orchard on June 3rd. Tickets are $40 per person and are going fast! This will be a four course meal with LoveCraft beer pairings. Stop by the Dry Fly Cafe at Trophy Lake Golf or call Chef Jim at 360-874-8337. You can also e-mail Jim at jamess@trophylakegolf.com . 

Happy spring everyone! 


Mother Hydra Old Ale for Pink Boots Society

In March we brewed a brand new style-  An Old Ale. The term is fairly loose, but inspired by olden ales from England that were highly malty and often times brewed with spices in place of hops. This beer was inspired by the Big Boots Brew Day organized by Pink Boots Society. 

The Pink Boots Society is a non-profit organization for women in the beer industry. PBS provides scholarships, job opportunities, and networking events for women in the beer industry. They organize the Big Boots Brew Day on International Women's Day to highlight all the breweries with women on the brew deck! A portion of the proceeds of this beer will be donated to Pink Boots Society for future scholarship opportunities. 

Our Mother Hydra Old Ale was brewed with caramel malt, smoked barley, and a touch of brown sugar and lightly hopped with Summit and Cascade hops. The brown sugar ferments out to leave a kick of molasses flavor. Overall the combination of smoked barley and molasses from the brown sugar give a pleasant hint of spice without any additional additives to this brew. 

This beer has been featured at the Hop Queens event at Flatstick Pub in downtown Seattle and will also be at Women in Beer Festival at Pike Place Brewing on May 8th. The Women in Beer Festival features local breweries, cider makers, cheese makers, chocolatiers and more that have women working hard behind the scenes. The proceeds from this festival will be donated to Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands. To find out more go to http://pikebrewing.com/events/women-in-beer/ 

You can find the Mother Hydra Old Ale on tap in our tasting room as well as at Another Castle Bar and Arcade in Downtown Bremerton. More locations TBA!

To learn more about the Pink Boots Society check out their website at pinkbootssociety.org



Spring Ahead

Wow have we been busy! 

You can now find our beers in Port Angeles at the Nextdoor Gastropub, Bada Bean Coffee and Beer bar, Station 51 Tap House, and China First China Bar! We have also been on tap at Port Townsend Brewing Company, The Pour House in Port Townsend, and at Disco Bay Detour. Coming soon to Gig Harbor!

Besides getting our beer out around the Olympic Peninsula we have also been working on some fun new brewing projects. We participated in the Big Boots Day, which is organized by the Pink Boots Society, an organization for women in the beer industry. We brewed an Old Ale which will be on tap at the end of March in our tasting room, as well as both Flatstick Pubs in Seattle and Kirkland on March 30th. I (Tasha) will be at the Flatstick Pub in downtown Seattle on March 30th for their Hop Queens event, celebrating Women in the Beer Industry. A portion of the proceeds that night will go to Planned Parenthood, as well as the Big Boots Brews that will be going towards Pink Boots Society! Wow! So much generosity and great beer. This beer will continue its generous spirit by being at the Women in Beer Festival hosted at Pike Brewing Company. That is on Monday, May 18th, 2017, so mark your calendars!  

On top of all that goodness WE ARE NOW OPEN SUNDAYS AGAIN!

Raise your glasses to Cthulhu, for the end might be near, so you best drink a beer!   



Winter Changes

As we roll into the dark winter months we are going to be making some changes. Our tasting room will be closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday starting in January. This isn't because we don't love you (because we do!), we just have to give ourselves more time for the next big change, DELIVERIES! We're going to be selling our beer around the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas as well as venturing into the Tacoma area. Our goal is to increase our production as well. We've had quite a few times in the last year where we've been down to just three of our own beers on tap because we haven't had enough production days.  So we're hoping by limiting the tasting room hours we're able to utilize our time a bit better.

A list of our tap locations will be coming soon! We're excited to be working with some favorite beer spots all around the greater peninsula. We're looking at you Port Angeles and Port Townsend! 

Cheers and Happy New Years.


What's Fermenting?

I'm very excited for some of the interesting new beers we've got fermenting! Just to get your palate ready, we have....

Olde Kitsap BLACKBERRY Saison

We added locally grown blackberries to our classic Saison. The berry flavors are subtle, but still harmonize with our Belgian sweetheart. This will go on tap labor day weekend for the Blackberry Festival, be sure to swing by and try it out! This is a once a year brew, so get it while you can!


Jesse's Smash IPA (official name TBA)

This is an experimental single hop, single malt IPA! Though to be fare, we are using Falconer'sFlight hops, which are a PNW blend of hops. Still, it will be fun to see how it turns out! So far we are detecting strong pineapple hops flavors. We might play around with dry hopping this batch, which will be a first for our brews! It will be ready mid August.


Moonbeast Rye IPA

The beast is back! Super crowd favorite Moonbeast Rye IPA will be back and hopefully we can keep up with demand! It will be great to have this malty, spicy, hoppy beast back on tap. It will be ready near the end of August.


That's what we have fermenting right now. Check out our beer list page for what's currently on tap.