Grand Opening!

Our doors are finally open! We started things off with our USS Eldridge Session IPA and Olde Kitsap Saison. We had Rainy Daze Jack Got Baked Pumpkin Porter, but that didn't last long! Now we have Slaughter County's Irish Stout on tap to keep the dark beer lovers happy until we have some dark brews of our own.

To help fill out our tap handles we also have been working on our Randall! A Randall is a filter that gets filled with goodies like fresh fruit, spices, sweets or more hops. The beer goes from a keg, through the Randall, and then into your glass! It is a delicate way to change up a beer without having to brew an entire strange batch. We started our Randall on Saturday with green apples and cinnamon sticks with our Session IPA and it was a delightful surprise! It really mellowed out the bitterness of the hops and added a bit of festive flavor to the beer.

The Saison was met with much enthusiasm, which makes Jesse happy because it's a beer style he is passionate about that is often unknown to the public. To help educate the budding beer fanatics I made a brief backstory of the Saison and posted it around the tasting room. I will include it in a blog post for those who are interested.

Our fermenters are all full, so we will have three more styles coming soon. Next on tap will be Hypnos IPA, which should be ready by next weekend, and then our winter specialty Beire De Noel, and lastly a nice, dark Porter! The fermentation process is slow and steady and cannot be rushed, so if dark beers are your thing come by the tasting room in about 10 days! 

We did so well with our soft opening and grand opening that we are actually running low on supply! Our hours are fluctuating as we try to find a happy balance of supply and demand so that we don't run out of beer before the next ones are on tap. But don't worry, it won't take us long to fill out all our tap handles!

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by, spread the word, and simply enjoyed our beer! We are so happy to finally be at the point where we can serve the beer we are so passionate about.


Sweet T