How to build a brewery in 10,492 easy steps!

 There's a lot more to starting a brewery than just making good beer. We have had to redo floors, build walls, get every kind of permit imaginable, and still we are not done! Now we can look back on our home brew days with lust for the simplicity. But it won't be long until we can start brewing with our beautiful new equipment! So here are a few pictures to help visualize our progress.

Take note of the change in the floor from the first picture to the next. We filled part of the floor to level it out and make it easier to use our floor drains. We are installing Altro flooring on top of that this week. Once that is down we can finally put our brewing equipment in its final location, which will be along the interior wall behind the railing. The railing is made from refurbished steel from an old parking garage and we are going to add a small wood counter on top of it made from some of the original wood from our building! We hope that people enjoy saddling up to it and admiring our brewing equipment.

There is a lot of mess right now, but it wont be long until it's an open and inviting place for you to come and enjoy a pint!

-Sweet T