Busy Brewing

Hi Folks!

We have been so busy getting our brewery up and running that we haven't had a moment to write a blog entry. LoveCraft Brewing has been at a few small events around Seattle and Kitsap county, and we've been trying to fill out all our tap handles but our customers are drinking it up too fast! It's a good problem to have, but it makes it hard to have a diverse selection!

We have been learning a lot these first few months, and I believe our beers are only going to get better from here on out. Learning about how to pull the perfect yeast crop from our brand new 3 barrel system took a bit of trial and error, but now we have the proper technique to keep a healthy pitching of yeast alive and well. Our French/Belgian styles have been wildly popular and really hit the target we were going for. We are using a new West Coast Ale yeast for our IPAs, red, and porter which has behaved much better than the first Ale yeast we used and has retained the flavor profile we wanted.

I'm very excited about our two new beers that are on tap this week: the Kittyhawk Grissette and the Elder God Biere de Garde. They are very different from each other, yet complementary because of their same yeast base. It really showcases the impact different malt has. While the two beers are similar in their amber color, the flavors are wildly different. The Elder God Biere de Garde is tart, with a hint of sweetness from the addition of Rye and caramel malt. The Kittyhawk Grissette is mild and gentle with wheat and pilsen malt.

Come in and compare the two for yourself and see if you can find the difference and the similarity!

If Ales are more your style we have our Hypnos IPA and Innsmouth Porter on tap as well. The Dunwich Red will be returning in a week or so.

Thanks to everyone who has come to the tasting room and helped support local craft beer.