What's Fermenting?

I'm very excited for some of the interesting new beers we've got fermenting! Just to get your palate ready, we have....

Olde Kitsap BLACKBERRY Saison

We added locally grown blackberries to our classic Saison. The berry flavors are subtle, but still harmonize with our Belgian sweetheart. This will go on tap labor day weekend for the Blackberry Festival, be sure to swing by and try it out! This is a once a year brew, so get it while you can!


Jesse's Smash IPA (official name TBA)

This is an experimental single hop, single malt IPA! Though to be fare, we are using Falconer'sFlight hops, which are a PNW blend of hops. Still, it will be fun to see how it turns out! So far we are detecting strong pineapple hops flavors. We might play around with dry hopping this batch, which will be a first for our brews! It will be ready mid August.


Moonbeast Rye IPA

The beast is back! Super crowd favorite Moonbeast Rye IPA will be back and hopefully we can keep up with demand! It will be great to have this malty, spicy, hoppy beast back on tap. It will be ready near the end of August.


That's what we have fermenting right now. Check out our beer list page for what's currently on tap.